We are about building profitable businesses WHILE
growing a thriving family.

You can do it! But you Need A System.

We help self employed business owners overcome digital distraction, focus on what matters and make meaningful progress... without sacrificing their lifestyle.

Do You Feel a Bit... Weird?

Truthfully... we know this feeling. Choosing to grow businesses while growing a family. 
Choosing to live an unconventional life.

Sometimes we look at our friends going off to their 9 to 5 jobs and it simultaneously lights us up to be living life on our terms... and yet there are definitely times when it seems easier to just show up at work and be told what to do.  Get paid without thinking about it. Have superannuation building in the background.

But here's the thing...

Rebecca and Joe Winston

We LOVE being business owners.

We LOVE parenting in a way that feels right for us. 

We have CHOSEN this path. 

And yet... sometimes we wish we could settle for the conventional life!

Because that ‘settling’ can look a whole lot easier than being your own boss. 

There is something in our DNA that has kept us on our business journey for over a decade.
We were born to build businesses that feel good.
Grow a family that feels connected. 

Do you feel the same way?

This Self-Employed Life Isn't Always Easy

But it doesn't have to be hard.
Our time in business has taught us some small but game-changing factors that make this path easier. 

Knowing What to Do Next

Being the boss means having lots of options for how you spend your time. When you know what to do next your progress goes up and overwhelm goes down.

Overcoming Distraction

When you're self employed it's easy to have your whole day thrown off course by an email, a social media post or the mess in the kitchen. Getting distracted throws you off course, and can be a trigger for a tailspin.

Good Tech Support

Many an unexpected day has been spent on the mundane email and web "surprises" that your work might throw you. Having someone to be able to hand this over to (to minimise your digital distraction) is key. 

Connecting With People Who Understand

This path is so rewarding, and yet can bring up our greatest doubts and insecurities. Connecting with others who understand has been vital on our journey. 

About Us.

We are Rebecca and Joe Winston. Married for a decade. Friends for over 20 years. Parents of two. 

We have been living the self-employed life for over a decade. 

We understand what it means to grow a business while growing a family (and staying married!) 


We take care of your tech 
so you can stay in your
zone of genius.

Whether serving your customers online, attracting new customers, or communicating with your team... Good. Tech. Matters.

And when things go awry, they can really derail your plans.

We can help.

We help you know what to focus on to make the progress you care about. 

One of our biggest roadblocks in business has been 
"What should I focus on?" 

There are so many options! 
Yet what moves the needle the most?  
We can help.

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