Know exactly what to do next to maximise your effectiveness.

"Amateurs try to fix everything,
pro’s fix the right thing."

But what is the right thing???

It's so true, isn't it? 

I heard the above quote while listening to one of Mitch Joel’s amazing podcasts.

In fact that’s what I find people enjoy the most, nitpicking every little thing that is WRONG rather than providing the help and advice you actually need.

I totally get it too, in fact I was once this person. Able to see everything that was wrong with a business and then I busily set out to fix everything. This led to incredibly slow results, a lot of expense for me and clients and burn out for me… No fun for anyone.

On the other hand there’s a problem with experts too. Experts are the best if that’s what you need. Getting an expert to diagnose a problem is a bit like getting a hammer to diagnose a problem. To a hammer every problem looks like a nail.

Ask a social media expert what the problem is… It’s your social media.

Ask a marketing expert what the problem is… It’s your marketing strategy.

Ask a sales expert what the problem is… It’s your sales process.

Ask an HR expert what the problem is… It’s your people.

The problem with experts is also the benefit of the expert.

They are GREAT at what they do AND it’s their frame of reference… Often it’s their only frame of reference.

Now I’m going to put my ‘expert’ hat on and tell you what I think the biggest problem businesses have today.

The biggest problem businesses face is that they don’t know what to focus their attention on NOW. They don’t know what the most important thing to fix next is.


Mike Michalowicz has written a brilliant book.

It's called ‘Fix This Next’.
It explores an idea that was 12 years in the making.
Based on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, Mike has created the
Business Hierarchy of Needs (BHN).

Here’s Mike to explain it himself:

What I love about the BHN is that it is a system. It’s not linear. You cycle through the stages in and out. It is where to turn when things aren’t going to plan. Say you have a key person leave the organisation and chaos ensues. The BHN is there to guide you. Say you lose a big client or find that by all external measures you are running a big successful company but you are slowly going broke… BHN baby!

We are big believers that focus is a business owners super power and not only on the BHN but Maslow’s original hierarchy too. Understanding where you are right now, where you want to go and what the next actionable step to get there is literally how you can build your own path to freedom and purpose.

Work life balance is often sold as a myth. We don’t believe it is. We believe that what that balance is may be different for everybody and if you define it and then evaluate what to work on next, do it and then repeat the process then everyone can live a life on their terms and enjoy the freedom and work-life balance that they want.

If you’re interested in finding what that looks like for you, we can help.

Even Mike Michalowicz says so…

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