We are at our best when life contains a balance of connection, contribution and the time and stimulus to think deeply about things that inspire us.

What inspires us the most? Systems. This is not a cop out. ( Promise!)

There is more to “systems” than first meets the eye.

For us, systems are all encompassing. At the very least, everything is a part of a bigger system (consider how we all fit into the ecosystem!)

The systems we care most about are families and businesses.

Families are systems.

In order for families to be happy, healthy and productive they require certain things for them to flourish. In our opinion families need a balance of connection, trust and function.

Love, love is a verb, love is a doing word…

“Teardrop”, Massive Attack

Connection is a big part of why we think of families as systems.

Connection doesn’t just happen. It must be cultivated, cared for and built upon each day. Often you need a strategy for connection. In the immortal words of Massive Attack, “Love is a verb, love is a doing word”. We need to think about when and how we are going to connect with our wives and husbands and daughters and sons and mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers and cousins and aunties and uncles and grandparents alike. We are hardwired for connection, and that’s where you find love. It is inside the connection with another human that love can be found.

Trust is built and earned over time by the decisions we make that affect other people.

We may be born with trust in our parents but if that trust is broken there are profound effects on the child for many years. In some cases it’s irreparable. So what is the sub-system of trust? It’s about communication, it’s about being organised, it’s about being honest and apologising when things go wrong. It’s about giving space for people to feel their feelings, to know what is real and to learn to not be afraid. This is complex stuff that is a constant process which is never quite mastered but always at the forefront of our minds and hearts.

Function can create safety.

We believe function needs to stand alone as it requires serious thought and is the most obvious part that can be systemised. Creating routines and systems mean there is more time for connection and building trust, creating reliability.

Having a focus on these three elements can lead to your family system flourishing over lifetimes into something meaningful and great.

Although surprising, it is not a huge leap from a system of family to the system of business.

A business that is well run, profitable and enjoyable also has connection, trust and function.

The only real difference between a system of business and system of family is the element of commerce.

Connection in business.

This is not a get rich quick solution. Connection takes time. It’s been said many times that B2B and B2C businesses aren’t that different, they are all H2H (Human to Human). At the end of every transaction there is a human. At both ends of likes, comments, shares, saves, podcast downloads, page visits and any other metric you may wish to measure is a human. We are social animals. We crave connection. Even the most introverted of us needs to feel connected to other humans to truly thrive. Connection is made more rich when it is layered. This is where trust is built. When you pair connection and consistency over time; provide value (REAL value!); AND care about others is when connection can lead to community and everyone can win. 


As discussed above, connection + consistency + care = trust. People like to deal with people they trust. Trust that they will deliver what they say they will, trust that they care enough to listen, trust that they will show up. This is built over time. Being consistent matters. Communicating when you get things right and when you get things wrong. That’s how trust is built over time. 


How are you going to do the things you say you’re going to do? What function does your existence serve? 

Connection, trust and function. These are interconnected parts of a whole. If any of them are neglected the system will falter. Likewise each of these subsystems when cared for, will enhance the rest of the system. Each affects the other and it’s the things you do every day that lead to what the system becomes over time. Little actions over a long period define who you are, what your family stands for and how your business operates.

Why Self-Employed People Are Legends.

For us, the self-employed are the ones that merge these two ideas together. They are legends. They have created a business out of thin air they help our economy and they support their family. Business for the self-employed is often a family affair, sometimes you need help, sometimes you need connections, sometimes you need money and often family is where all of that starts. 

We’re self-employed and have been for over a decade. It’s not just something you do it’s who you are.


What we stand for.

The point of intersection between family and business is where the magic lies.

We believe that when your business and your family live in a happy symbiotic relationship life is pretty much as magical as it gets.

But when the connection isn’t happening, the trust is waning and the function is broken it’s really easy to spiral into a place of everything being hard, and the feeling that nothing is “working”.

We know this all too well, because we have been there. Where we haven’t enjoyed our family life fully because our business felt energetically draining. Where we haven’t enjoyed our business successes because nurturing our family seemed above our capability.

And yet, the magic is possible. But you need a system. 


What does any of this have to do with tech?

You didn’t get into business or start a family to be frustrated by technical issues. We know that what appears to be a simple tech issue can be a roadblock for months or a rabit hole from which you never emerge. We want to remove those roadblocks and rabit holes because we believe that what you love to do is what will change the world. 

Let us help you do what you love and make the world we live and work in better.

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